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Bolted Pressure Contact Switch

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Bolted Pressure Contact Switches

Bolted Pressure Contact Switches are designed by Filnor for ease of operation, low maintenance, dependability, and safety, while maintaining an economical price.

bolted pressure contact switch

BM 2010-2P-2X-K3 Rectifier Disconnect Switch

2000 A, 1000 V, 2-Pole, 2 NO, 2 NC, Auxiliary Contact Provision for Key Interlock in the open and closed position

medium voltage switch

Type BPI Switch Crane Rail Disconnect

3000 A, 250 V DC, 2 - Pole, Single Throw, Fusible

db high current switches

Contact Rail Disconnect Switch

1200 A, 1000 V DC, 1 - Pole, Single Throw, Non-Fusible
high current enclosed switch

bolted pressure switches

Special Design Transit Switch

6000 A, 1000 V DC, 1-Pole, Single Throw, Motor Operated, With Auxiliary Contacts

bolted pressure switches

Special Design Type BM

2000 A, 1000 V, 2-Pole, Double Throw

Ordering Information Required

• Submit your application to our engineering department, along with the specifications, and we will gladly respond with a practical and economical solution to fit your needs.

What is a Type BM Bolted Pressure Switch

The Filnor Type BM is an open style switch utilizing the proven Filnor Inc. bolted pressure contact switch.
• The switch is an open style switch consisting of two parallel, moveable blades with stationary contacts at each end.
• A bolt passes through the blades, hinge and clip stationary contacts and a fixed clamping nut.
• Pressure is applied on the contacts rotating the clip and hinge bolts, connected together by a linkage assembly, effectively tightening the joint.
• The result is a joint current carrying capacity similar to bolted buss bar.


Filnor BM Bolted Pressure Contact Switches are designed for non-load break applications. Typical application is for circuit isolation in many types of systems, including industrail motor controls, AC/DC distributions panels, and power distribution for transit systems.


• Crane Rail Isolation
• Rectifier Disconnect Switches
• Battery Disconnects
• UPS Systems
• Transit Third Rail Disconnects
• Transfer Switches
• AC/DC Switchboards
• Contact Rail Switches
• Trolleyline Disconnect Switches
• Motor Control Isolation Switches
• DC Substation Switches
• And Other Applications

Design Features

• Engineered to ensure reliability, safety, ease of operation, and low maintenance.
• Switch current carrying materials are ETP 110 Copper Bar.
• Terminals and contact surfaces are silver plated ensuring low contact resistance not affected by oxidation.
• Current density designed for 1k Amperes per square inch minimum.
• Switch design for current flow straight through the switch to reduce overload stresses.
• Terminals with standard NEMA hole patterns.
• GPO-3 insulating base.

Design Criteria & Testing

• Individual units are factory tested prior to shipment for:
    - Dialetric Withstand
    - Contact resistance
    - Dimensional Outline
    - Build Configuration
• A copy of the factory test report is included with each switch.
• Switches are designed and tested in strict accordance with the following standards as applicable, UL, CUI, Nema, ANSI, IEEE.
• Each switch unit is date coded on a label for tracing purposes.
• Applicable warning signs applied.

Standard Switch Ratings

• Continuous Current Ratings (Amperes): 800,1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 8000, 10,000, 12,000*
• Fault Current Rating: 160 kA DC @ 100 ms
• Voltage Rating: 1000 V AC or DC
• Test Withstand Voltage: 4250 V rms 60 sec
    * 40 degrees C ambient with 60 degrees C rise.

Benefits Include

• Clean Compact Design
• Rugged Construction
• Proven Performance
• High Current Capacity
• Large Isolation Air Gap and Creepage Paths
• Standard NEMA Drilling on Terminal Paths
• Extensive Options List to adapt Switch to the Application

Available Switch Configurations

• Single Throw
• Double Throw
• 1 thru 4 Poles
• Handle Operated
• Hook Stick Operated
• Motor Operated
• Pole Mounted

Switch Operator

The TYPE BM switch utilizes a straight type handle, or hook stick eye, attached through an insulator to the hinge actuator assembly to manually open and close the switch. Insulating material and a shield are provided to prevent contact with electrically live components. The switch is not to be operated under loaded conditions.

Terminal Arrangements

The TYPE BM switch terminals are drilled to NEMA standards.

Switch Stop and Padlock Attachment

The TYPE BM switch is provided with a rugged positive stop in the open position. Provisions for padlocking the switch in the open and closed positions are provided.

Switch Enclosures

Enclosures for the TYPE BM switch are to be designed for vertical switch mounting. Switch supporting structure must be flat and parallel where the switch is mounted.


Manual, motor operated, pneumatic, remote.

Available Options

• Cable connectors
• Auxiliary contacts
• Key interlock provisions
• Key interlocks
• Hook stick operator
• Fusible
• Motor operated
• Front operated handle assembly (for operating outside enclosure)
• Higher currents and voltages
• Special designs application


• Open panel mounting
• Enclosed: NEMA 1, 12, 3R, 4, 4X
• Material: powder coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass
• Door interlocking
• Padlocking
• Silver Plated Terminal Connections:
• Top entry, Bottom exit.
• Top entry and exit.
• Bottom entry and exit.


• 1 through 4 poles
• Single or Double throw
• Non-fusible or fusible


• 600 through 12,000 amperes continuous standard - higher currents available
• 160 kA DC momentary
• 200 kA AC momentary
• Rated Voltage: 250 V through 38 kV

1000 Volt DC 1000 Volt AC
AMP 1 Pole 2 Pole 3 Pole
800 BM-08-10-1P BM-08-10-2P BM-08-10-3P
1200 BM-12-10-1P BM-12-10-2P BM-12-10-3P
1600 BM-16-10-1P BM-16-10-2P BM-16-10-3P
2000 BM-20-10-1P BM-20-10-2P BM-20-10-3P
2500 BM-25-10-1P BM-25-10-2P BM-25-10-3P
3000 BM-30-10-1P BM-30-10-2P BM-30-10-3P
4000 BM-40-10-1P BM-40-10-2P BM-40-10-3P
5000 BM-50-10-1P BM-50-10-2P BM-50-10-3P
6000 BM-60-10-1P BM-60-10-2P BM-60-10-3P
8000 BM-80-10-1P - -
10,000 BM-100-10-1P - -
12,000 BM-120-10-1P - -