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Heaters and Ballast

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Heaters and Ballast

Protect Your Power Distribution Equipment

Filnor, Inc. is the reliability leader in the power resistor industry. We provide complete technical assistance in order to meet your specifications. Filnor resistors are used for AC/DC motor acceleration, dynamic braking, ballast, load bank, neutral grounding resistors, harmonic filtering, and transit applications.

heater and ballast resistor

Cab Heater

dynamic braking resistors

Dynamic Braking Resistor

48 Ohms, 1612W, 5.8A DB4 Nema 1
Indoor Enclosure

Ordering Information Required

• Primary voltage
• Primary amps
• Number of speeds
• Number of motors
• Single or dual wound motor
• Torque
• Enclosure type (NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R)


Filnor Inc. offers Standard Resistor Design for 120 Volt, 250 Volt or 480 Volts. In 1,000 Watt to 6,000 Watts with or without Heater Adjustment Switch. Heater can be mounted on the floor or wall mounted. NOTE: 250 Volt DC Unit can be used on 220 Volt AC.
• Data Requirements:
• Line Voltage
• With or without a switch
• Wattage

crane cab heaters


More Light-Longer Life With Mercury Vapor Lighting
Convert vibration sensitive incandescent crane lighting to Mercury Vapor Type. Your answer to those tough industrial lighting problems where DC current is available.
• Designed for Industrial Mill Duty Service
• Available for indoor or outdoor service
• Outdoor units to have drip shield. Mounting holes on back.

What is this product?
240 Input Specifications
For use with
type bulb only
Number & Lamp size Service Fillnor Cat. # 14.3" W
Height | Depth
H33 1 - 400 Watt Indoor 14 MvB 5.38" | 6.88"
H33 1 - 400 Watt Outdoor 14 MvBO 5.38" | 6.88"
H34 1 - 1000 Watt Indoor 110 MvB 5.38" | 9.63"
H34 1 - 1000 Watt Outdoor 110 MvBO 5.38" | 9.63"
H33 2 - 400 Watt Indoor 24 MvB 5.38" | 12.25"
H33 3 - 400 Watt Indoor 34 MvB 9.38" | 9.63"